Photo by Cocoa Laney

The great Stuart Hall argues that we re-create our identities throughout our lifetime by recognising what we are not. Indeed, intense beginnings to a brief bio but seeing as I am not one for classical bravados, I will cut the crap for a couple of contemplations closer to some kind of truth (my favourite problematic word).

I am not one who has considered writing about themselves in the third-person before, which is why I will give it a go. If anything it could make Adam sound a tad more impressive and attract the corporate work he needs from time to time. It might also atone for the pretentious trash he posted here previously. 

Adam’s intention is to connect with people by dissolving infuriating facades of formalities. Adam is not formal, but takes pride in his professionalism. Adam believes our vulnerability in darkness is as beautiful as our pride in the perfect light, but Adam is not subtle with metaphors. He is fascinated in human behaviour, but not interested in dissecting anyone’s personality with the limitations of a camera. Adam is not a trained biologist or psychoanalyst, although one of these may have been a better life choice. Adam feels photography chose him more than he chose it, yet he hopes you like his work with the type of conviction he wishes he had more of, most the time.

Adam hopes to see you again soon.


MA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography (Distinction) – London College of Communication, UAL, 2017–2018

BA (Hons) Film Studies – Falmouth College of Arts, 2004–2007


Genesis Imaging Bursary Award Winner, 2018

Group Shows:

Creative Confinement: Art Under Quarantine – RochesterArt Centre, MN, US, July 2020-Jan 2021

Outside In – Whitechapel Bell Foundry, London, Sept-Oct 2020

Single Image Award – London Street Photography Festival,August 2019

In Repeat – Ginnel Foto Fest, Ipswich, May–June 2019

Elephant in the Room – London College of Communication, November 2018

I, The Other – Safe House, London, June 2018

Capital City – London College of Communication, April 2018 

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